How to choose the waterproof junction box correctly?


1. Correctly select the sealing grade
When choosing a waterproof junction box, the IP protection level is a very important factor. According to IEC-regulations, the first number of the IP rating is the enclosure's ability to resist the intrusion of solid particles, while the second number represents the enclosure's ability to protect against water droplets. Ruidafeng's ABS plastic shell junction box, the IP level can reach IP67, which means that it can adapt to relatively harsh environments. The IP level is only defined for the casing, but the equipment should meet the corresponding requirements after installation, that is to say, if the waterproof junction box needs to be installed with waterproof cable joints, its protection level should be higher than that of the box.

2. Choose the correct size
Choosing the correct size of the electronic waterproof junction box is first determined based on the size of the existing components and the location of the equipment to be placed. But we should also consider whether new components will be added in the future, and if so, whether the space is sufficient. Another thing to note is whether the size chart of the product description is the external or internal size. It should also be noted that the space available for installation is usually less than the internal dimensions provided.

3. Note that the standard configuration of the product includes those parts
Product numbers do not reflect the inclusion of those standard accessories. Usually we can understand that a junction box contains the box cover, box body, sealing strip and box cover screws. According to different needs, we will also provide optional accessories such as wall fixing angle, floor installation, cable joint and so on. In order not to cause trouble afterwards, it is necessary to find out which are standard parts and which are optional accessories before ordering.

4. Equipment long-term working environment
The price of waterproof junction boxes also varies greatly depending on the material. Before selecting the model, you should understand clearly. If the equipment works indoors for a long time, we recommend ABS waterproof junction box. With its excellent comprehensive performance, ABS can fully meet the general needs of the room. If it is used in other environments, you can contact us to recommend it to you.
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